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Discussion on the Development of Artificial Turf in China from the Playground
Publisher:admin  Time:2015-03-30 17:17:01  Click:851

        On the development of artificial turf in the country from the stadium on the development of the status quo. In foreign countries, artificial turf industry development is steady, whether from raw materials, equipment and lawn production research and development, or artificial turf sales, pavement have entered a more mature market stage. In the standardized operation of the market, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain and industrial structure.

        China since 1999, the introduction of artificial grass, which opened a prelude to the development of artificial grass industry in China. Just a few years time, across the country there have been no less than two dozen lawn manufacturers, coupled with foreign brands in the country's agents, China's artificial grass industry has begun to take shape, the industry chain has gradually formed.

       With the popularity of artificial grass in Europe and the United States and other places, to the mid-nineties, China began to introduce artificial grass, and soon the various sports institutions to accept and rapid development, which opened the artificial turf in China's development. With the rapid promotion of the use of artificial grass in China, a large number of foreign brands have entered the Chinese market, and in this environment, the country has gradually emerged through strong foreign equipment and technical support, and the establishment of large-scale modern production base Set artificial turf production and sales in one of the national enterprises.

        The excellent properties of artificial turf in China, the rapid development, although it is popular in China than in Europe 10 years later, but users in a very short period of time will accept it. In addition to schools, many of our professional sports centers, such as: Beijing Xiannong Tan, Dongdan, Ditan, Chaoyang and so on have used the artificial turf as the main stadium.

        The introduction of artificial turf in China is less than 10 years. With the continuous renovation of artificial turf fibers and the continuous change of manufacturing machinery, the artificial lawns have been used in China for more than 10 years. , China's artificial turf development is still very fast.

        Before and after 1997, China's artificial grass fiber are all imported from abroad, to meet the foreign industry testing standards. At that time, China's artificial turf fiber was subject to foreign exclusion, therefore, from around 2001, China is the use of imported raw materials, finished assembly in the country to complete, but there is no uniform domestic industry testing standards. At present, China's artificial turf market is quite broad, can invest in good projects.

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