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Artificial turf: close to nature, more love nature
Publisher:admin  Time:2015-03-30 8:39:44  Click:849

      In the eyes of many people who love nature, artificial turf, but is a natural alternative to artificial turf, there is no life ornaments, in addition to a few can be true color, and natural, green, environmental protection and the like adjectives do not detached. Yes, even the best artificial turf, such as PPGreens artificial grass, is only a combination of artificial fibers, can not carry out photosynthesis to release oxygen, nor for the courtyard to bring the nature of grass incense, but will not change with the seasons One-year-old dry-wing. However, in the artificial green expert, Shenzhen Lvyuan artificial turf Co., Ltd., artificial turf is more green than natural lawn, because it is more environmentally friendly.

      Please do not be surprised, the order of the two words in the last sentence has not been confused, nor is the green garden artificial grass in order to promote the product and upside down. In fact, the so-called natural lawn, in addition to natural growth in the wild grass, but also an artificial turf. So-called natural greens that have been transplanted to places with different climatic conditions are also cultivated, although they are morphologically identical to their brothers and sisters who grow naturally in the wild. The cost of maintaining the natural green, the cost of conserving lawns, mowing, irrigating, killing, fertilizing, and so on, is the consequence of maintaining a large natural environment at the expense of the natural environment A small piece of the natural environment, and this small piece of the natural environment relative to the means of maintenance destroyed by the large environment, almost negligible.

      Moreover, people who have long been accustomed to living in reinforced concrete buildings, in fact, not too close to their love of nature: a natural life of the lawn, alive not only green grass, there are also like grass insects , Small animals and wild flowers mixed with weeds, if people are not careful and close contact with these creatures, the consequences are not good, because it is not bitten, that is, skin allergies. Now, we can see, artificial turf does have many advantages. Although the installation cost is much higher than the natural lawn, green garden artificial grass to install a high-quality imported materials artificial turf, material costs plus professional and technical services, the cost is planted several times the natural turf. But after installation, in addition to occasional cleaning work, basically no worries, and in the use of cost is much lower than the natural lawn. Artificial lawns do not require irrigation fertilization, do not need to mow the pests, perennial green, simple composition, while the main effect in lawn landscaping and provide soft ground, artificial turf and natural lawn is not inferior. Therefore, since the artificial turf in 1964 for the first time in the United States, began to be widely used. Today, schools, playgrounds, and large playgrounds and gyms are increasingly using artificial turf for landscaping and landscaping. This can be proved in a variety of world-class tournament, because regardless of rain and snow, in the green grass on the fought players, who do not see a drop of sludge and grass stains, and they run fast , And did not make people feel slippery grass. This is the perfect performance of artificial turf.

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Contacts:Miss Yu 13801535845
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